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Our Mission is to provide a world class service experience to our patients and clients. We are founded on our why- to create a positive, life-changing experience that prioritizes our clients, caregivers and communities, above everything else.



Home Care Placement is a local, privately owned in-home care, placement, and care management agency. Our mission is to provide a compassionate, world-class customer service experience to our patients and clients. Our suite of services enhances the quality of life and level of care each of our patients receives across our continuum of care.   


Our leadership has 20+ years of combined experience providing care and servicing families in San Diego, Orange County, and its surrounding areas. The resources and expertise we’ve acquired equip our compassionate team to support and guide you through even the most challenging situations.


We know that first-class care delivery can only happen if those providing the care experience first-class treatment and appreciation. We do this by avoiding overloading our care team and compensating them well above the industry average.  Our care model allows for an individualized, high-touch, team-based approach. Our robust quality assurance program offers you the exceptional focus and attention you deserve. 

The HCP Way

The HCP Way is providing a world-class customer service experience to our patients and clients. Our goal is to provide a positive experience that prioritizes a successful client outcome.

Standards of Excellence 6 Keys

  1. I care for the elderly and treat them with the same dignity that I would provide for my own loved one.

  2. I represent and deliver the HCP Way to our clients.

  3. I am responsible for my client's well-being and I have the autonomy to support their needs.

  4. I have the support of the Care Operations team and a line of communication for any escalated concerns.

  5. I am proud of my professional appearance, language and behavior.

  6. I guard the Protected Health Information of my clients, and I report any suspected abuse to my supervisor.

At Home Care Placement, we see improved patient outcomes because of our commitment to providing the necessary solutions and services that best support the continuum of care.
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